The Debrief Weekly Report – (Co-host)

Get your weekly burst of scientific illumination from The Debrief’s network of rebellious journalists as they warp through the latest breaking science and tech news from the world of tomorrow. Every Friday, join hosts MJ Banias and Stephanie Gerk as they roundup the latest science and tech stories from the pages of The Debrief. From far-future technology to space travel to strange physics that alters our perception of the universe, The Debrief Weekly Report is meant for the dreamers who love the science and technology of the future.

WeeklyTrek – The Tricorder Transmissions News #214

The Tricorder Transmissions host, WeeklyTrek’s Alex Perry, discusses the latest in Star Trek news. In addition, stick around to hear Steph’s wish to see a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine character show up in the last few episodes of Star Trek: Picard, and Alex’s prediction for First Contact Day announcements: is the long awaited Section 31 announcement coming? Listen to find out more!

Dork Matters – Star Trek Holodork

A dorky podcast, for dorks. Hosts Lexi Hunt and Ben Rankel dork out about the most important aspects of TV, comics, animation, movies and more. Best Final Fantasy hair? Most eligible Stardew Valley bachelor? Every Star Trek series ranked? We’ve got you covered. It might not be smart but it should be amusing.

The Diecast Podcast – A D&D 5E Live Play Podcast (Multiple episodes)

Flying Lizard Studio. Award Winning Podcast. A group of D&D gamers gather around a table to tell stories and roll some dice. They play through adventure books and home brew stories. Come enjoy the show, and it’s time to roll for initiative.

Mud 79 – A Star Wars Story (Voice Cast)

Written by Fred Kennedy. This is the story of Soloman Kwai, a riflemen in the Imperial Army. Not a Storm Trooper but in the regular army, a Mud Trooper. We follow him and his comrades of Platoon 79 two years after the founding of the Empire, and 17 years before A New Hope, as they are called to help secure the planet of Cestin IV.

2 Star 2 Trek – (Multiple Episodes)

This is a 2 Star 2 Trek, a limited podcast series where hosts Ryan and Caitlin, with some special guests, take you on a journey through every two-part episode in Star Trek History from TOS all the way to Picard.

Not Enough Resources – Physical VS Digital

Join hosts Dylan and Ryan for a look into gaming culture and concerns. From industry trends like loot boxes to the growing boom of esports, we look at the bigger issues and how they will steer the industry.